The Absurdity of Obsession

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After you’ve been poking around the ultralight backpacking world for a while sometimes the lengths we take to get our gear as light as possible stretches to the verge of madness…

No Stakes Tarping

Loathe to carry the weight of stakes, we prostrate ourselves for the sake of a few grams.

Inside Out Camping

Enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

Spreading UL

Trying to convince the uninitiated about the benefits of going light!

5 Responses

  1. Miguel Marcos

    Those are great, Miguel! You should inquire to see if any backpack magazines or sites will pay for this kind of thing. I bet they would.

  2. Steve

    LOL, I love that first image. You should draw other images along these lines and sell them on T-shirts. I think that the “descending.png” image in your sidebar would be a great one to start with…

  3. butuki

    Hi Everyone! I’m glad you liked the cartoons. I really should be doing a lot more of them because I always have a blast when I draw them.