Mountain Big, Person Small

View of Mt. Oku-Shirane after the initial climb. Climber celebrating at the top of one of Mt. Oku-Shirane’s crags. Vine climbing a cedar trunk. View of Lake Yu from western shore. The morning I started out of the house for … Continued

Walking In The Plum Rain 2

Iris failing in the evening light The rainy season has opened its wings and descended upon the islands. Most people would gripe about the steamy air, constant overcast days, inability to hang clothes out to dry, and the blooming of … Continued


Last of the winter’s camellia blossoms fallen on last year’s leaves, Shirayama Temple Hill, Takao, Japan Spring is in full swing, with the cherry blossoms billowing along the streets and in the parks everywhere. It happened all of a sudden, … Continued

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