Listening for Pyrene’s Echo 4: Sanctuary Between the Rivers

(Please click on the images to see them enlarged) First part of the series: Listening For Pyrene’s Echo 1: City By The Lake Second part of the series: Listening For Pyrene’s Echo 2: A City In Pink Third part of … Continued

Memories of People I Love

Arrived in Champex this evening tuckered out from a harder climb than I had anticipated. Most of the early part of the walk wound through little hamlets with mazes of streets and crooked, weathered chalets that looked as if they … Continued

Mountain Galleries

Just arrived in the village of La Fouly in Switzerland. Of all the places I’ve passed through until now it is the most quintessentially “Swiss alpine”. Sweeping green hillsides ringing with cowbells, chalets standing on stilts, stupendous peaks rising in … Continued

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