Problem With Broken Images

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Hi Everyone,

I realize that those of you who are visiting the site are encountering problems with many broken image links. I’m aware of the problem. It’s due to having had to restart the entire blog from scratch, because of a major hacking last winter that brought down the entire blog, and all the permalinks having been broken. Since i also changed the theme, the image sizing has changed, as well as the image directory location. So I’m going through 9 years of posts by hand, fixing everything. I’m also in the midst of end-of-semester testing and grading, plus getting ready for a three-week hike of the Pyrenees in France and Spain next month, so i have little time now to properly work on the blog. I will try to work on it all as soon as possible. Sorry about the mess it’s in now. There is actually a lot more content than is visible now, including a lot of hiking stories.

Please forgive the unruly state of repairs!

peace and good medicine,

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  1. pohanginapete

    Best of luck with it, and thanks for putting in the effort so we can enjoy these wonderful photographs again.

    I’m still gradually going through my photoblog resizing the hundreds of photographs that Blogger decided to squish down to a fraction of their original size. This happened last year while I was in South America; presumably Blogger considered it one of their ‘improvements’.

  2. kickingcones

    Thanks Dave. I just downloaded the plugin and will give it a try. Still not quite sure how to use it. I have to resize all the photos, too, and perhaps this plugin can’t do that? I’ll give it a try.

    Pete, thanks for your words. I’ve been fretting over the blog for half a year, and it will be so nice for it to be working smoothly again so I can just write and take photos without spending all my time on the site’s technical details!

    I did make an observation about the frame around your photos on Ruins of the Moment… did you change it? It felt different when viewing the images.