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Oh God, this is unbearable. It has totally ruined my day. Is no one going to put a stop to the madness and take all those responsible to task?

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  1. andy

    I remember posting on a forum somewhere at the time of the Iraq invasion that I felt ashamed that day to be British. Sometimes though, evil seems so rife, so universal amongst humanity, that I wonder if it’s being human that I feel ashamed of.

  2. John Bailey

    I’ve been following this story up round and round the Internet and what I’ve found has made me angrier and angrier. I’m not an investigative journalist however and have no way of pursuing the truth until I find it, nor of coming to a balanced view should I do so. All we can do is to keep listening and learning and, when it comes to the next election day, making our personal views known in the only way we have open to us. Longer term than that, heaven only knows.

    Thanks for your completely on-target assessment of my ‘journal of a writing man’. Writing about the ordinary isn’t as easy as it looks at first sight!

  3. Steve

    I remember feeling the same way when I read about the US forces holding families prisoner in an attempt to lure fathers and brothers from hiding. What ever happened to “winning the war by winning hearts”?
    When the US forces fired the Iraqi military, they inadvertently cast a large group of role models for kids in a new image. Whereas previously the soldiers were protecters of Iraq, a role that kids could look up to and respect, the US made took that all away from them. They were tosses aside as dirty and useless, left with no way to provide for their families. Is it any surprise that they reorganized as “freedom fighters”? Should we be surprised that their children and younger siblings still look up to them and wish to emulate them? This is the true sadness here: that the US has created this mess itself, and is now incarcerating children who just want to be like their fathers and brothers.
    The Coalition forces in Iraq have no choice but to imprison children if those children endanger the forces, but they do have a choice as to how to treat these children. Using them as tools against their parents, torturing them, degrading them… are these ways to turn their hearts? This will only harden the children against the world, and create Iraqi super-patriots who will fight with passion and vengeance. I say that if these children must be imprisoned, then they should be put in dorms with clean sheets, they should spend their days in classrooms not cells. Show these kids the good points of Democracy and freedom, not the ways in which power can be abused. They have seen enough of that already.

  4. Coup de Vent

    Children do not need to be imprisoned in Iraq. That’s a slippery slope.

    But you are right, Steve, that the actions of the coalition forces create freedom fighters. I often wonder what I and others I know would do if another nation invaded my country, my town, my village and prevented my children from going to school, put them at risk, cut off normal life including food and health supplies etc etc. Children hear and see their parents’ rage and helplessness against the great guns and they pick up stones. Unfortunately we seem to be more intent on learning from Israeli strategies than trying to influence them away from child murder and child torture. We have created children who are desperate. Let us not turn away and label them as a threat. We are the threat. Let the coalition forces exit as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, let’s campaign to get those kids out of the torturous jails run by my countrymen.

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