More Stupid History

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Um, wasn’t the whole Iraq thingie supposed to revolve around a moustachioed forget-me-not? I don’t get launching an attack on the Iraqi people. Can anyone explain this to me?

I think I might cut my hair. Saw a photo of His Royal Highness this evening and had to hold a plate in front of my head so no one behind the computer screen could see how much my own hairstyle resembled his. What do you think? Buzz cut? With desert goggle tan lines?

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  1. butuki

    I am referring to the HRH of America, George Bush the Magnificent, Lord of the White Manners, Beholder of God Himself, Keeper of the Eternal Frame, Master of All He Disregards, Most Dubitably Respected Emperor of the Orient, Purveyor of All He Cannot See, Finger of Life and Death, Pursor of the Lips of Fury, His Most High Prince of Detonations, Bearer of the Covert Turkey, Paladin of Freedom, Humble Prophet of the Prurient Truth, Final Witness to Evil, Walker of the Rodeo Style, Unsung Hero Above and Beyond the Call of Tragedy, a.k.a “Simon Sedge or Else”.

    But maybe my hair is immaterial now… it’s beginning to curl at all the allegations…

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