6: Milo And Francesca- On the Run- Milo

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Reacting on instinct Milo grabbed Jerry’s collar and, before the three men saw them, pulled Jerry behind the column that stood between the three men and and them. Clapping his hand over Jerry’s mouth Milo indicated with his eyes the back of the coffee shop. Jerry nodded, his eyes still wide. Crouching down, they made their way among the tables and along the side of the counter till they reached the back door. Milo was just reaching to push open the door when the waiter stepped out from behind the counter and ran into Jerry, nearly tripping over him. The waiter let out a loud curse. The three men reacted with a yell, throwing the chairs and tables aside.

“Get them!” shouted the leader.

Milo jumped up and kicked open the door. He dove into the alley outside, followed by Jerry. He raced down the alley, splashing through the puddles. Jerry fell over a bicycle, rolled to his feet and raced after Milo. Together they sprinted into the rainy darkness, rushing headlong towards God knows where, just trying to escape, a mad dash away from the coffee shop.

They heard the coffee shop back door crash open and the curse of one of the three men as he also fell over the bicycle that Jerry had run into. Milo and Jerry dared not stop to look back. The shout, “Where’d they go?”, then, “There, there! To the left!” rang through the alley. The alley led first straight, then up an incline, and began to swing to the right. Milo could see the alley lead into a steep flight of stairs, with a streetlight at the top. To his right, just barely visible in the shadows of a low doorway, a tiny walkway led off the alley, up between two apartment buildings. Milo hesistated a moment before throwing himself into the doorway, leaving Jerry baffled for a moment.

“Where’d you go, Milo?”

“Here!” whispered Milo. He reached out and yanked Jerry into the doorway. They both plunged into darkness and they made their way forward by feel. The walkway continued on for about a hundred meters before opening out into a courtyard. Milo cast about for some sign of refuge. He spied a light in one of the windows of the apartment building, up on the third floor. Grabbing Jerry again, he walked up to the big wooden front door of the apartment, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell.