“Karma People” Opened…


Karma people Pepe the Turtle

In an effort to establish this site in its originally intended full complement of daily impressions, stories, essays, photos, drawings, information libraries, and cartoons, I have started putting up a few of the cartoons that I’ve drawn. Here are a few first examples. Still have some learning to do with scanning line art…

Also, I am considering revamping my Harubaru* Far and Wide website into a community style site. At the moment it is a blog of an imaginary boy who goes to live on an imaginary island named Wake Isle, and I want to continue with that idea, but I was thinking of possibly changing it into a community weblog wherein a number of authorized blog writers and artists each take on their own imaginary characters who each live on their own imaginary island within an imaginary “Archipelago”. The categories of the weblog would be divided into each imaginary individual, but the daily “blog” entries would appear on the main weblog page. I was thinking that a community blog might work better because of the interaction between these imaginary characters, but also because each blogger involved would not have to take on the burden of keeping a daily run of writing… the complement of a few writers together would allow the blog to run continuously.

I’m hoping to establish a kind of dialog between these imaginary characters, writing about their respective islands, all through a fictional setup… each island can have its own setup, however far you want to take your imaginations, as long as the stories stay clean and within the context of the Archipelago world.

I’ll have to redesign the main page, and the main control of the website logistics would remain with me (since I’m paying for the hosting), but I would like to work with a number of people who might be interested in joining in on this effort. Mind you, I’ll have to limit the number of people who join and also have the last say in who can join, but I promise not to be too unreasonable about the choices I make.

Anyone interested? Any ideas (from those not interested, too)?

Let me know.

3 Responses

  1. Swami

    While a bitmap presentation of line art is the smallest KB option, I prefer jpg images, especially when attention has been paid to line quality. It just looks better to me than a jagged square edge.

  2. Pica

    Butuki: I left a couple of comments on the gallery. What fun!

    As far as the community blog goes, it sounds like a wonderful idea, but I for one am edging toward stress what with new job and all. And of course this is just about the BEST time to be in the Central Valley: from now until May, when it turns into an inferno, so OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE! is ringing in my ears. Not saying no, but maybe in a while??

  3. leslee

    That seems like such a great idea, and yet I would be reluctant to commit the time. And I really wouldn’t want to do a half-assed job of it. When I saw this post a couple of days ago, I went looking online for a site I recalled coming across where different people “inhabited” different places and wrote about it. It appears not have not been updated, but you could check it out for ideas: http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/writers/mcdonald/imagc/index.htm . There’s also the “dream islands” link there.