Chamber Moon

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After an inordinate amount of time repeating over and over that I would get my photo gallery up, finally it’s ready for perusal. Not exactly the best presentation of the images, but for now those of you who are interested can get a better glimpse of what is available on this site. You can also access it directly through the link button above in the navigation bar. Hope you enjoy it!

2 Responses

  1. marja-leena

    Beautiful, evocative, I loved them all, though I connected most to the ones from Denmark, Germany and the UK. I smiled at your phrase for the solitary Far Flung image – “Stepping beyond the familiar”. Are you still thinking of coming to visit Vancouver, Miguel, to make Canada more familiar?

  2. butuki

    Marja-Leena, I still haven’t gotten all my images into the galleries yet, so I know some of them are still quite despondent looking. I’m not sure I like the gallery theme much either, I think the comments and other text-like additions take away from the images themselves. Have to find something a little simpler and less intrusive.

    But I’m really glad you liked the photos.

    Unfortunately I can’t make it to Canada this time around. I had actually planned to, to meet my brother there, but by the time we agreed that it wouldn’t work out this time, it was too late to get a ticket any more. Since I’m serious about considering a move there I plan to really make it there soon. Will just have to wait a bit longer. Would love to see you there when I do go, though!