A Walk in the Neighborhood

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It has been a month since I moved to Tokyo and settled into this neighborhood. The new apartment, big, bright, with space to stretch and sit alone if I want while sharing it with my partner Mika, offers the possibilities … Continued

Six Years Today

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I haven’t been writing in the blog lately and so almost forgot that today is the sixth anniversary of Laughing Knees. For those of you who keep up with me on Facebook, you know what has been happening since my … Continued


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After going through it numerous times in my life having someone break up with me ought to get easier. And at times it has. I can see the signs as the experience grows, I know what’s coming. And I protect … Continued

Internet and Recession

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This is a truly chilling report. As someone alone here in Japan I worry what will happen if things get really bad. How will I survive without close family and friends to protect me and me help to protect them? … Continued

Wind and Snow

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Her words still ring in my ears as I step off the ropeway onto the freezing, windswept plateau of the Pilatus terminal at the northern end of the Yatsugatake range. “I LOVE YOU, Miguel!” It is a confirmation of all … Continued

Singing By the Wayside

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I’ve written quite a few songs and thought I’d get them out into the public ear. The recording is terrible and my guitar playing really needs a lot of work, but if any of you are interested, please take a … Continued

I Am Forty Eight

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A little less than a month ago I turned forty eight. That morning I woke and lay in my bed as the dawn lit up my bedroom window and thought about nothing, just letting my breath draw in and release. … Continued