Listening for Pyrene’s Echo 4: Sanctuary Between the Rivers

(Please click on the images to see them enlarged) First part of the series: Listening For Pyrene’s Echo 1: City By The Lake Second part of the series: Listening For Pyrene’s Echo 2: A City In Pink Third part of … Continued

We Are The Leaves In The Wind

[singlepic id=1118 w=1000 h=750 float=center] I was late. The train would arrive in ten minutes. It would take about 12 minutes to get from putting on my shoes by the front door to hustling through the neighborhood streets to the … Continued

The Lost Peak of ’76

Jump back to 1976, Japan, the summer when I was 16, and picture the gangly teenager with shoulder-length hair, who loved wearing bell bottoms jeans, lace up lumberjack boots, and a broad-brimmed black felt hat adorned with a Navajo bead … Continued

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