Shaking Out the Dust

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Lots of wisdom in the comments from everyone, so much so that it feels bigger than my mind at the moment. I took time in the quiet of my morning living room today to slowly follow the lessons of a Pilates workout, my first time, breathing in and out, concentrating only on my respiration and my muscles and enlongating my occupation of space with my bones.


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Wow! That’s a lot of comments I got for my post the other day and yesterday. Thanks, I appreciate it. Hope we can all create a great community this year. I look forward to reading more of everyone’s thoughts and stories. And to the great number of new bloggers (I’ve been quite surprised by how many newcomers there are… maybe everyone was getting blog subscriptions for Christmas? TypePad must be making a bundle!), welcome! It will be interesting to hear what the new voices have to say.


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I want to apologize to everyone who drops by here for not being around for a long while. This time of the year always gets to me, especially since I live far away from my family and I haven’t seen them in years. Not only does the Christmas season just have no counterpart here in Japan, seeing that it is quite hard to really get close to Japanese people, to be accepted as one of them, I also end up spending a lot of time alone, most especially during this season.

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