…By Any Other Name…

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It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to justify madness. Now they are talking “ Superbombs“, as if blowing up thousands of people without setting them aglow afterwards really makes much of a difference. “Daisy-Cutters”, “Bunker Busters”, the abominable “MOAB’s”… all with these adolescent nominclatures straight out of video games (I can imagine these bomb designers sitting at their cluttered desks with their ties tourniqetted around their heads, heavily mumbling “Dufous Boulders”, “Girlie Splatters”, “Dino-Pizzas”…).

The more I read the more the image of Goya’s painting of Saturn eating his children is conjured up. Why can this connect in my mind and wake horror, but only amusement in those who love war and destruction?

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