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I’m having somewhat a hard time feeling generous at the very moment. I opened my blog this evening and discovered that someone had gone into my blogroll account, deleted all my blog links in my blogroll, and put 25 links to their own blog instead ( ). I’ve now lost all the links that I so carefully gathered these last few months. I’ve changed my password, but I wonder if that will stop this spammer. I am monumentally pissed off. The other spams were bad enough, but this has invaded something that belongs to me and I am not going to have any patience whatsoever listening to some maggot argue that they have some constitutional right to change my work.

I am going to fight this and I hope that somehow I can start banding together with others to put a complete and utter stop to all spammers. I’ve had enough of this!

It appears I spoke too soon. The blogroll is back. I checked around on other sites and it seems the Laura Blog hack was all over the web. What happened? Who did that?

Poor Jason of BlogRolling wrote that he had recieved over 3000 e-mails today concerning the hack: BlogRolling Hack. It’s amazing how such a small thing can make the whole web shudder.

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  1. pericat

    Ouch! That was a malicious hack, no two ways about it. But they didn’t hit your server, so it’s not your security that’s been breached. I’m sure the Blogrolling people are working to beef up their security, meanwhile, you may want to back up your own links as an added precaution.

    (I see you got the referrer thing working! Good man!)

  2. butuki

    Actually, I never did figure out the referrer’s tags… I just used the one that Downes hosts through his own server. I spent several days trying to figure it out, and I’m just too busy with my own work to be spending my time on such a little thing. Maybe one day I will take time to figure it out.

    If these public linking services are going to start being hacked, though, I’m not sure I want to leave too much out in the open.

  3. Pattie

    After I quickly wrote a comment to “Piece of cake” then I scrolled down and read other entries (I do read your blog often – thanks for giving me various thoughts, your insightful and stimulating words, and sharing with others) but sometimes do miss a few entries and go back and catch up a bit. Just wanted to add that I am truly sorry that work of yours was maliciously tampered with and do hope you will continue to share with others and not let negative energy get you too down. Was so glad to see, that even though you were rightfully pissed off, in your next entry – “piece of cake” you contributed positive thoughts and ideas. Again Miguel thanks soooo very much for all the hard work – your sharing, your words and visual images, your positive energy!

  4. maria

    I am so sorry you had to go through this! The spammers are really going wild, it seems … and forcing us to learn more about technology whether or not we want to….

    During these last few weeks, I have been spending time most Mondays cleaning up my comment spams….

  5. pericat

    Actually, I never did figure out the referrer’s tags… I just used the one that Downes hosts through his own server.

    That falls within the definition of “getting them to work.” I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. But you made it happen anyway.