Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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As many of you have probably noticed I haven’t been around on the blog much for quite some time. To tell the truth I’ve been wrestling with whether to continue or not. Part of me has come to a lot of the same conclusions as Denny: I want to concentrate on my book writing

Walking in the Plum Rain

I’ve been finding it difficult to charge myself up to write in the blog lately. Even viewing other blogs has been difficult. More and more I’ve been getting the feeling that the unreality of the computer screen and the ethereal voices of people I almost never see, let alone share more than fleeting words with, seems uncannily like what happens to you when you end up pacing your living room, mumbling to yourself. I keep staring out of the window and watching the wind stir the trees, each touching the other, a completion of purpose and presence. The blog world and the whole internet phenomenon comes across more as intention than as act. And lately I’ve been feeling more of a powerful need to interact.

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